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Welcome to the Lift Renovations Blog – a regular series of articles, tips and tricks, and handy home hacks to help you get the most life out of your home. We’re on a mission to help your house become the home it was destined to be – a home for living.

How to Thwart a Lint Fire

There aren’t many people who love to do laundry — especially when it tries to kill you and your family. Wait. What? Well it’s not so much the washing that is out to get [...]

Preventing Ice Dams

Spring is around the corner, but snow and freezing temps throughout March is unfortunately not unheard of in Calgary! There seems to be a lot of talk around this time of year about "ice [...]

Stay Safe and Warm

We want you to stay safe and warm this winter so remember, as the temperature outside decreases, the chances of having a house fire increases. This is mainly due to the use of portable [...]