There aren’t many people who love to do laundry — especially when it tries to kill you and your family. Wait. What?

Well it’s not so much the washing that is out to get you, it’s the drying

Did you know there are 16,800 number of house fires a year in Canada started by clothes dryers? Yep. True. Very rarely is this culprit an electrical fault, it’s mostly caused by dryer lint. Five people die every year from fires caused by unchecked lint.

At Lift Renovations we not only want your house to be a home but want it to last for generations. As much as we’d like to tell you not to ever do laundry again, or go back to using clotheslines in your back yard — did you know that in some city neighbourhoods you’re not allowed to hang your laundry anymore? — it simply isn’t practical. Instead let’s look at how to thwart your dryer’s murderous intentions.

  1. Clean your lint trap after every load. Every load. Every time. If you’ve never seen your lint trap you’re in for a treat because if you thought unchecked belly-button lint was bad wait until you see what’s waiting for you here. 
  2. Clean the exhaust hose leading from your dryer to the outside world. “That’s a thing?” You ask. Yep. Right at the back of your dryer there’s a big hose that vents the hot air from the dryer to the outside of your house and that’s a great spot for lint to gather and make plans for your destruction. 
  3. Let Your Tighty-Whitey’s Fly. Rage against the washing machine and start hanging your clothes to dry. There my be restrictive covenants in your community against the hanging (or pegging) of laundry outdoors so we encourage you to find out more. Or just beg for forgiveness instead of asking for permission and start using the great outdoors when the weather’s nice to get that fresh Spring scent in your clothes.

Lift Renovations takes your comfort and safety seriously so please don’t forget to check your lint traps and keep yourself, family, and pets safe from harm. We suggest checking your main lint trap before every load of drying, and your exhaust hose every month, belly button lint can safely remain unchecked for months but we don’t recommend it. Heck, why not check your belly button and dryer exhaust every month when you change your furnace filter and test your smoke and CO2 detector! Make it a thing.

Please share this article with friends and family and help us keep them safe too.

Dryer fires a real hazard that can happen at a moment’s notice
US Fire Administration