Exterior Doors

Your doors set the tone for your entire home. They’re the artwork for your outside walls. Doors provide protection from the elements, security for your family and curb appeal to make your home stand out on your block!

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Entrance Doors

We supply & install the finest in fibreglass and steel entry systems with spectacular glass and finishing options to make sure your home reflects your style!

Patio Doors

Whether your house best suits a swinging french door, a sliding patio door or a beautiful folding/sliding system, we have the right portal for your backyard BBQ!


White isn’t (always) the best! All of our door systems come available with completely custom prefinishing options – let our designer work with you to find just the right combination of colour and texture for your house!


Our Exterior Door Partners

Please feel free to browse our partner sites below to get more design ideas. Contact a Lift Project Advisor today to find out how put your ideas into action!

Ply Gem (Calgary)

Ply Gem is one of the largest manufacturers of building products in the world – with over 9,000 associates worldwide! Ply Gem’s door systems are designed to meet the very best in regulatory and technical requirements – from vinyl to metal cladded door systems, Ply Gem creates a high-quality, consistent product.

Visit their website to get ideas at:     www.plygem.ca

All Weather Windows (Edmonton)

Manufactured in Edmonton since 1978, this family-owned business manufacturers a variety of door systems from fibreglass, steel and specialty wooden door systems. A nine-time winner of the Canada’s Best Managed Companies, All Weather is well-organized and able to provide solid product, right on time!

Visit their website to get ideas at:     www.allweatherwindows.com

Inkster Park Millwork (Winnipeg)

Inkster Park creates the very best in custom door systems to fit even the oddest of applications. An answer to many of today’s mass-produced door systems, Inkster Park takes a craftsman-approach to material selection and manufacturing, resulting in a very sturdy and high performing product.

Visit their website to get ideas at:     www.inksterpark.ca/doors.htm